AMBASSADOR, Chief Joseph Chasinghorse

The first step in the great living water journey is to start using living water in your everyday life. You can do that with PURINIZE® Water Purifier Drops.  Its 100% natural, mineral-based formula disinfects and clarifies water from any freshwater source, transforming and restoring it to its natural living state, the way nature intended. 


Chief Joseph Chasinghorse

 "My name is Chief Joseph Chasinghorse, the spirit of seven generations to come. This is a call to all those who will listen, to those that will care, and to those who are willing to take action. Since the beginning of time, clean, pure water has been the source of all life and one of the most precious resources on this planet and has remained so to this day.

Today, with abundant wealth, advanced technologies, and knowledge of nature and its laws, we can supply our people and all life with clean water.

Join ChasinghorseWaters and PURINIZE on the Great Living Water Journey to restore life and the abundance of nature back to the earth."


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